Building the next generation of SBA leaders.

Spend less time hiring and training, and more time closing loans.

How it Works

Apprenticeship Redefined

Shatterbox is a 12 month virtual training program that helps new and existing hires become fluent in SBA.

Upskill Your Team

Get your new employee or existing employee up to speed by putting them through our program.

Deepen Your Bench

We find a top-notch twenty something and match them with your institution, all while taking care of their SBA training.

There isn’t enough skilled talent to carry the industry into the next 50 years.

In the last decade, SBA has grown by 85%, employment costs have increased by 40%, and nearly 30% of bank employees are 55+.

Enter Shatterbox.

A 12-month, virtual apprenticeship program and hiring marketplace that empowers banks to spend less time hiring and training, and more time closing loans. 

The Benefits

Reduced Employment Cost
Increased employee effectiveness
Retention through clear career path