Case Study:

Fast Impact from a New BDO

Meet Cam Nayebi

Cam Nayebi was a 23-year-old University of Georgia finance graduate working in investment banking. His dad was an Atlanta entrepreneur who had benefited from SBA financing, and a close family friend was an SBA division executive.

When Cam learned he could build a dynamic career while making a significant economic impact, he was sold on SBA lending. 

The Process

Cam found Shatterbox at the beginning of his journey. After several interviews and the completion of our sales assessment, it was clear Cam was born to be in SBA sales.

Shatterbox introduced him to several active SBA lenders and in October, he accepted a job with Harvest Small Business Finance in a Business Development Associate role.

The Results

While most SBA lenders believe it takes years for a new person to succeed in a sales role, Cam’s experience bucks that conventional wisdom. With his immersion in SBA learning through the Shatterbox platform, he had the confidence and knowledge to begin marketing almost immediately.

After 6 months in the business, he had already closed 4 self-originated loans for over $3.5M.

What They Have to Say

If it were not for Shatterbox, I don’t know where I would be in my SBA journey.

Cam Nayebi, Shatterbox Learner

When hiring and training younger people, especially those in their 20’s, it can be a hit or miss. However, in the case of Cameron Nayebi, we have a touchdown or homerun in a relatively short period of time. Additionally, our ability to lean on Shatterbox for their SBA knowledge and ability to break things down has been a tremendous support.

Rhonda Marin, Regional Sales Manager

Want to hire your own Cam?

Taking into account base salary, commissions, and Shatterbox platform expenses, Cam cost his employer just 48% of the price of an “established” BDO. Is there a reason you’re still growing your sales team the old-fashioned way?